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By Nicholas Segura

Kansas City, MO: Collins-Cook, a new real-estate team based in North Kansas City, is sharing five monthly scholarships aimed at growing bilingual Hispanic real estate professionals. By reaching out to local Hispanic nonprofits, Collins-Cook Realty is seeking input for candidates they believe could have the largest impact in their local community. Their newly minted Pro Real Estate Class will be hosted in their new offices at 2005 Burlington Street in North Kansas City, Missouri. Ed Collins, President, and Founder of Collins-Cook said, “We’ve seen that home ownership within the Hispanic community continues to grow. Our plan is to train the best agents and give qualified young Latinos tools and scholarships to succeed.” Collins-Cook will be offering their classes monthly. “We’re really looking forward to partnering with area nonprofits to identify truly exceptional candidates,” Collins said.

According to a recent report from the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, 2017 ended with the highest number of Hispanic homeowners, at 7,472,000 units, up by 167,000 from 7,305,000 units one year ago, which was the previous high.

This can be attributed to overall population growth among Hispanics in the U.S. The report cites U.S. Census Bureau data for its findings. Collins Cook Realty is a commercial and home real estate company established in 2018. Their classes Pro Real Estate Class is housed within their offices in North Kansas City, M

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